Dr Rainer Gruessner: Teaching the Next Generation of Surgical Leaders

July 11, 2014
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A long-time clinical leader of the transplantation field, Dr Rainer Gruessner is also considered to be a very influential professor in the medical field. With years of experience imparting his wisdom, knowledge and passion for surgery to prospective medical professionals, Gruessner continues to be a sought-after name in medical education.

Dr Rainer Gruessner

Dr Rainer Gruessner

Dr Rainer Gruessner is not only a dedicated transplant surgeon. He is also a dedicated teacher, one who has provided expert medical instruction to some of the best and brightest up-and-comers in the fields of transplantation and general surgery. Gruessner has made a lasting impression on many of the top academic and surgical minds in the field of medicine, drawing from a wealth of experience and international training to educate prospective physicians on the latest in surgery, transplantation and patient care.

Dr Rainer Gruessner has been considered an effective Professor of Surgery at different institutions, including the University of Arizona and the University of Minnesota. The expertise and experience Gruessner has accumulated over years of high-quality medical training and education, received at some of the most renowned institutions in the world, has given him the foundation for what has been a successful and impactful career in academic leadership. Dr Rainer Gruessner enjoys being an inspiring and effective professor, and to reach and encourage ambitious medical professionals to pursue their dreams and make a lasting difference in the medical community.

Gruessner is not only a caring and compassionate physician, but also a well respected academic professional and scholar, someone able to translate his own professional surgical experience into expert medical instruction.

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